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Once it starts, the program will last for 6 months, or until the network TVL reaches $3B, whichever happens first. The Surge is structured into six Volts (epochs), each one month long. Why Volts? Because if we reach the target we will let the epoch run till the end of the Volt. And we can play with themes: every Volt will have narratives and featured partners, and provide educational content — each Volt a distinct experience.

Early adopters

The points system will start when the program goes live but we already have users and early adopters that have already provided liquidity on the network. It's important to acknowledge what has been done so far. For this reason, the formula that defines points has an early adopter modifier that provides more points to users that started contributing earlier than others.


After the go-live, OpenBlock Labs will provide a dashboard where anyone can verify the number of LXP-L collected within The Surge. This will feature all necessary information for a user to observe their activity and points received.


While in previous campaigns we tied the minting of LXP to addresses that hold Proof Of Humanity to specifically protect the LXP points from bot farms and reduce sybils, in this case there's no such need. Providing a unit of points per $ locked is an action that does not incentivize bot activity: a user will get the same amount of points regardless of whether they concentrate all the liquidity in a single wallet or split it among thousands of addresses. This makes the experience even easier and more enjoyable for users that bridge liquidity to Linea.

Security and UX

Dapps that participate in the program will have a great opportunity to grow, but our main priorities at Linea are security and UX. We can't afford to assign LXP-L points to dapps that put users' funds at risk, so this is the right time to raise the bar for security at an ecosystem level. Every dapp that is on the ecosystem portal today is audited by one of the Linea security partners, and in order to be eligible for inclusion in the program, a dapp must satisfy the following criteria:

  • Meet UX requirements from an established framework
  • Satisfy at least one of the two following conditions:
    • Has been live for at least one year on any other EVM chain with a TVL peak of more than $50M
    • Provide an audit report associated with the version of the contract that is deployed on Linea and has implemented at least one real-time exploit detection solution provided by Linea Partners

Relationship between LXP and LXP-L

The goal for The Surge is to attract more liquidity by tracking the contribution of each user, leveraging a similar system that we have in place today: LXP-L will be a different token with the same non-transferable characteristic of LXP. Both of these points systems recognize involvement from two distinctly different user bases while providing greater transparency for each group.

This approach ensures a balanced alignment between LXP and LXP-L. Considering the complexity of the Surge points model, it is challenging to establish precise alignment for these two types of points. Implementing parallel points systems allows us to assess the alignment retrospectively and make necessary adjustments to maintain fairness between users who contribute liquidity and those who contribute through activity.

Moreover, we will continue to provide opportunities for users to contribute to the growth of the ecosystem by performing activity-based activations on Linea dapps.