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Linea Voyage: The Surge

Linea Surge is an LXP-driven program that enables people to collect LXP-L in return for having assets on Linea and deploying those assets into protocols.

The goal for The Surge is allow users that provide liquidity on the network to collect LXP-L. LXP-L is similar to the system we have in place today for LXP, but is collected by contributing liquidity to Linea.

A core focus is on the expansion of available assets through new applications and DeFi use cases built on Linea. Additional liquidity brought by new applications sustainably supports additional volume, in turn impacting on the sustainability of the liquidity through increased fees for liquidity providers and increasing the percentage of ecosystem trading activity compared to other venues. This constitutes something of a flywheel network effect for the ecosystem.

The following sections provide further detail. In the overview page, we will explore the program, before explaining the math behind it in Point incentive design.