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Tooling and infrastructure


Just as Ethereum, Linea also operates on a permissionless framework, meaning that any individual is free to launch any smart contract code they choose. When engaging with contracts on Linea, users should adhere to the same precautions as with Ethereum - that is, they should only interact with an application if they are confident in its security and trustworthiness. No products listed on this page are official endorsements, and are provided for informational purposes only. Their descriptions and any associated documents or links have been provided by the projects themselves.

Explore developer tooling and infrastructure

Building a dapp can be a complex task, but luckily we have great tools and developer infrastructure that can unlock new use cases and speed up the development of your dapp.

Building on top of existing protocols, tooling, and infrastructure will ensure a faster go-to-market, as the existing library, dapp, or service has gone already through intense testing and adoption.

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