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Network info, deployed contracts, and block explorers

Network information


Network NameLinea
RPC URL or via Infura (recommended)
Chain ID59144
Currency SymbolETH
Block Explorer URL Lineascan

Connect with node providers

If your dapp is using public endpoints, it may encounter rate limiting. You can find Linea node providers here.

We recommend connecting to Linea via private RPCs.

Deployed contracts

Token contract addresses and bridges

To see the most up to date list of tokens on Linea, see the token explorer here, which is derived from the official lists in this repo.


We recommend you rely on the shortlist in the above links, rather than the full list. The shortlist is actively curated by our team, whereas the full list is not, and automatically populates with all tokens bridged to Linea.

To get your own token included, please follow the instructions on this repository.

To see which third-party bridges are available, consult our Ecosystem Portal's list.

If you're looking to bridge tokens to or from Linea, head to the Linea bridge page to access the various options.

Important contracts

For both mainnet and testnet:


Block explorers

If you're new to public blockchain networks, you might not be familiar with block explorers. It's helpful to remember that the network is keeping track of a ledger of accounts, with tokens attributed to them, sent between them, created by them, etc.

So, as users take actions on the network, there are changes to those accounts and tokens. A block explorer is an interface through which you can look at that information in all its raw, gritty detail.

If you want to learn more about explorers and how to use them, check out MetaMask's article on the topic: How to check my wallet activity on the blockchain explorer

Explorer nameURLAPI URL

Learn how to verify your contracts in our quickstart.