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Estimate transaction costs

Reducing gas fees

Building on gas optimizations introduced with Alpha v2 in February 2024, Linea implemented EIP-4844 with Alpha v3 on March 26 2024. Gas fees are anticipated to be a fraction of what they were. See here for details.

How gas works on Linea

Linea supports the Ethereum EIP-1559 gas price model. However, as a layer 2 blockchain, Linea provides a more stable and cost-effective solution for transaction fees.

There are minor differences in the way Linea handles gas calculations when compared with Ethereum:

  • The base fee uses a set price of 7 wei. Blocks created by Linea use up to 30 million gas (less than 50% of the maximum Linea block size of 61 million gas), and the fee decreases by 12.5% per block, effectively keeping it at a stable 7 wei.
  • Transactions won't be sequenced if the gasPrice or maxPriorityFeePerGas falls below a certain threshold. This threshold is not static; it adjusts over time and varies depending on the specifics of each transaction. Instead, transactions are added to the pending queue until the gas price on the network drops sufficiently for the transactions to be included.

The gas cost to submit your transaction and include it on Ethereum involves the following fee components:

  • Layer 2 fee - The L2 fee (execution fee) is the cost to include your transaction on the Linea sequencer and is calculated using a similar formula to Ethereum.
  • Layer 1 fee - The L1 fee is the cost to publish your L2 transaction onto Ethereum and can vary based on the blob fee market.

Estimating transaction costs

Method deactivated

The linea_estimateGas method used to estimate transaction fees has been temporarily deactivated on Linea Mainnet and testnets.

As Linea supports all but a few Ethereum JSON-RPC API methods, there are several options for estimating gas. Click through for Infura's guides on their usage:

  • eth_estimateGas — Generates and returns an estimate of how much gas is necessary to allow the transaction to complete.
  • eth_gasPrice — Returns the current gas price in wei.
  • eth_feeHistory — Returns historical gas information.