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Goerli to Sepolia testnet transition

Linea's principal testnet is now Linea Sepolia. Linea Goerli still exists, but is being phased out and you may encounter performance issues. We advise you use Linea Sepolia for any testnet purposes you require.

We expect to fully deprecate Linea Goerli by the end of May 2024.

Running a Sepolia node

If you run a Linea Goerli testnet node, we recommend you transition to running a Linea Sepolia node as soon as possible.

You will need to spin up a new node. The method is the same as before, and as detailed in our guide. However, you must use new genesis files specific to Linea Sepolia:

Here are the bootnodes you should use when initiating your client:


Updating your dapps

For your dapp to remain functional, you must:

  • Deploy any smart contracts anew on Linea Sepolia
  • Ensure your dapps reference the new smart contract deployments.

Linea Sepolia network details

You can find a more thorough overview of key Linea Sepolia details on our network info page.

Here are the key details:

Dependencies and integrations



Coming soon:


The Infura Linea Sepolia endpoint is:

MetaMask integration

Linea Sepolia has been added as a default testnet in MetaMask in the following releases:

  • MetaMask Extension: 11.13.1 — rolled out from March 29 2024.
  • MetaMask Mobile: 7.19.0 — rolled out from April 1 2024.


Linea Sepolia is supported at


The following libraries support Linea Sepolia:

  • Chainlist
  • Viem
  • Ethereum-lists

The following libraries do not yet support Linea Sepolia:

  • Ethers.js
  • WalletConnect
  • Wagmi
  • WETH9
  • ApeWorx

We'll update this list when further updates are available.


The official Linea bridge supports Linea Sepolia.


In progress:

  • ENS support